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The Memes We Got Out Of The Weeknd's Super Bowl Performance Are Hilarious

These are some of the best ones ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘‡
Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show The Weeknd Memes

If youโ€™re part of the crowd that watches the Super Bowl just for the halftime show, The Weeknd did not disappoint.

Not only was his performance amazing, but we also got a whole slew of hilarious memes out of it.

Editor's Choice: The Weeknd Finally Revealed What Is Going On With His Face

During part of his performance, The Weeknd walked through a brightly-lit maze of gold mirrors and the disorienting display resulted in so many memes.ย 

The singer's confused and semi-panicked facial expressions brought back memories of getting lost in the grocery store as a kid.ย 

Every cat owner knows this feeling.

We've all had this moment of panic in the morning โ€” at least pre-WFH.

Several memes were created about this relatable feeling during a night out.ย 

And the oh-so-familiar experience of chasing a toddler around trying to get your phone back.ย 

Close-up screenshots of the singer looked like when you're goofing off to your friend's Ring doorbell.ย 

Many got serious Michael Jackson vibes from The Weeknd's outfit and performance.ย 

But the red suits and face bandages worn by his back-up dancers reminded others of horror movies.ย 

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