What Is Going On With The Weeknd's Face?

Handsome Squidward, is that you?
The Weeknd Instagram Face Surgery Prosthetics

Last night, Canadian singer The Weeknd posted a selfie on Instagram that left fans baffled

The star looks completely different in the photo, leaving many freaked out and asking "what in the world?"

Editor's Choice: The Weeknd Finally Revealed What Is Going On With His Face

In the past few months, the singer has posted several photos of his face beaten, bloodied, and bandaged.

The Weeknd even performed at the MTV VMAs in August with a beat-up face and then showed up to the AMAs in November wrapped in gauze as though he had undergone some kind of facial surgery. 

Now, after several public appearances bruised and bandaged, the artist has posted a selfie of his face looking fully reconstructed. 

Many commented on the photo comparing The Weeknd's new look to "Handsome Squidward" from Spongebob Squarepants. 

The Weeknd Instagram Face Surgery Prosthetics

Others on Twitter alluded to his song "Can't Feel My Face," and you can guess what that joke was about. 

But don't worry, according to The Independent, the look is all prosthetics for the music video for The Weeknd's single, "Save Your Tears," which was released yesterday.

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