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The Toronto Club Where The Weeknd Got His Start Is Closing Forever

A Toronto club that is known for jump-starting the explosive career of Canadian singer, The Weeknd, is closing its doors forever.

Mod Club Theatre took to Twitter to bid the city one last farewell saying they will be shutting down effective immediately.

But not before thousands of messages flooded in reacting to the news.

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Our goal was always striving to bring big smiles, positive vibrations, and memories that will last a lifetime. Mod Club Theatre

The club reminisced on almost two decades of operation and said they were always full of great memories and good times. 

"We hope we have been successful in adding to the community since we first opened doors in 2002," the tweet read.

Thousands of Torontonians took a trip down memory lane to remember what they once called a safe space that also jump-started the career of many artists.  

"Mod Club was a right of passage to Toronto artists before they blew up + so much more. This is a huge blow," one Twitter user said.

The Weeknd is one of those artists.  

The Scarborough-born star spoke up on getting his start in the club, and even uploaded a photo on Instagram this year performing on that very stage. 

"mod club. the stage that changed my life," he captioned it.

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