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These Summer Floats Are Over-The-Top & Guaranteed To Make Everyone At The Cottage LOL

Why get a pink flamingo when you can get… a beaver?

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It's mid-July and time to get our float game on!

Rather than dusting off the ol' pineapple or pink flamingo that's been sitting in storage all year, you can opt for a new, extravagant pool float from places like Amazon Canada and Funboy.

Beaver Pool Float


Price: $59.99

Details: Float-Eh is a Canadian company that manufactures inflatables out of their warehouse in Oakville, Ontario. You can order products like this one-of-a-kind beaver float directly from Amazon Canada.

$59.99 On AMAZON

Moose Pool Float


Price: $84.99

Details: Keeping with the Canadian theme, you can also buy a giant moose pool float from the same company on Amazon. This one's a little more expensive and measures out to be 38 cm wide, 13 cm tall and seven pounds once inflated.

$84.99 On AMAZON

Great White Shark Pool Float


Price: $50.05

Details: Cue the Jaws theme song. This will either thrill or scare your friends and family at the lake. It's available on Amazon in a party tube for 50 bucks or a giant raft for $73.40.

$50.05 On AMAZON

Tank Pool Float With Sprayer


Price: $98.58

Details: The makers of this awesome float say it's the first inflatable tank with a built-in cannon that can blast water up to 50 feet away!

$98.58 On AMAZON

Giant High Heel Pool Float

Pool Supplies Canada

Price: $59.99 ($120)

Details: Is this stiletto float a bit too much? Yes. Are we still going to buy with abandon? Also yes. Luckily, this is a Canadian product that ships from Ontario so chances are you'll get this in the mail rather quickly.


Giant Cabana Pool Float


Price: 359.00 ($399)

Details: Don't feel like going to the cabana? Bring the cabana to you! If you feel like splurging, you can get this incredible four-seater from Funboy that sure looks like it's worth the money. It's nearly ten feet long and seven feet wide!

$359 On FUNBOY

Royal Crown Island Float


Price: $189

Details: There's only one way you can reign the queen or king of summer and it's with this pool float. This thing is MASSIVE and can seat up to five people. It's great if you're bringing a large group of friends to your cottage this summer.

$189 On FUNBOY