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This Canadian Company Can Help You Recycle Your Old Coffee Bags & Get Rewarded For It

Any coffee bag from any brand can be recycled.
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This Canadian Company Can Help You Recycle Your Old Coffee Bags & Get Rewarded For It

Trends may come and go, but what's always in style? Sustainability, of course.

Not only is being an eco-conscious consumer très cool, but it's also increasingly becoming a way of life.

Whether you're already with it or need to get with it, Ethical Bean can help with their bag return program. With March 18 marking Global Recycling Day, the 100% fairtrade organic coffee company wants to remind Canadians how to get a free bag of beans in exchange for their old coffee bean bags. 

Here's how it works: you mail in or drop off 12 empty coffee bags to Ethical Bean's head roastery (located in Vancouver, BC). Next, Ethical Bean will send the empty bags to TerraCycle, a zero-waste company that recycles non-recyclable materials — coffee bags included!

Believe it or not, because of coffee's stringent packaging requirements needed to keep java just right (think heat seals and one-way valves), most coffee bags aren't locally recyclable. Eek! Definitely not cool when you're trying to live sustainably.

While Ethical Bean continues to look for an eco-friendly bag that meets freshness and food safety, in the meantime, they're opting for the recycling route à la TerraCycle.

TerraCycle will actually clean, shred and pelletize that plastic to find ways to integrate it into products already in production (like park benches, for example). 

"Most coffee bags are multilayered packages made from a combination of paper and plastic. The components cannot be easily separated, which is why coffee bags are typically considered non-recyclable," says Shaye DiPasquale, from TerraCycle.

"By offering a recycling solution for their product packaging, Ethical Bean is giving their customers the chance to really think twice about what is truly garbage and what can be given a second life."

As for the free bag of coffee you'll get in exchange for sending in 12 empty bags, get this: Ethical Bean will accept any bag from any brand. Send bags, get beans. It's as simple as that.

That means not only will you be helping to minimize your own carbon footprint, but you'll also be helping Ethical Bean in their mission to make everything about coffee better - from beans to bags.

Side note: if you don't want your free bag of beans, you can instead choose to donate it to the food bank by Ethical Bean's roastery. And if you choose to give your beans instead of getting them, Ethical Bean will match your donation.

The program is actually ongoing, making global recycling more than just a day.

Just think of all those free bags of beans calling your name. Whether you love your coffee bold or prefer a more mellow vibe, Ethical Bean's rainbow of roasts means they've got the brew for you.

All of their eight specialty roasts are made in and shipped from their Vancouver roastery. That includes whole bean, ground and 100% certified compostable pods (made from bio-based materials like coffee bean skin). 

As always, Ethical Bean only buys fairtrade certified coffee, meaning you can be sure each bag of coffee honours biodiversity protection and sustainable waste management.

Plus, their coffee is always 100% organic. No harmful chemicals used means no negative impact on local water quality, ecosystems and livability. 

[rebelmouse-image 26010380 photo_credit="Ethical Bean" expand=1 original_size="6000x4000"] Ethical Bean

What's more, Ethical Bean has been a partner of Bullfrog Power since 2009 to reduce their emissions footprint by purchasing 100% renewable natural gas and green fuel for their roastery and vehicle fleet. To date, they've actually displaced 938 tonnes of carbon. 

Coffee that tastes good while doing good? Say no more!

Here's how you can easily recycle your old coffee bags and get rewarded with a bag of a free Ethical Bean coffee in exchange:

  1. Mail or drop off 12 empty coffee bags to Ethical Bean's head roastery (the bags can be Ethical Bean or any other coffee brand).

  2. Ethical Bean sends the empty bags to TerraCycle (recycling experts), who find ways to integrate them into products that are already in production, like park benches.

  3. Ethical Bean mails you a free bag of coffee. If you don't want the free bag, you can choose to donate it to the food bank (and Ethical Bean will match the donation).

To learn more about their recycling program and coffee, check out Ethical Bean's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.