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If you're a social media content creator, then you know the importance of establishing an online presence.

But have you ever thought about what happens to your digital legacy when you pass away?

Not to get all heavy here, but it's a legitimate concern a lot of millennials in the social media space have. We work really hard to produce high quality content and it would suck if it just gets wiped clean without our blessing.

Which is exactly why Epilogue, a Toronto-based company, launched their social media will service.

It's sort of like your traditional Last Will and Testament but specifically for your digital legacy and designed for the digital age.

Did we mention it's completely free?

You don't need to hire a hotshot lawyer to help you write your will, either, despite what your grandparents may have done in the past.

What's cool about the company is that, even though it's founded by two estate lawyers, everything on their website is light on the legal jargon, making it super easy to follow along.

To complete your Social Media Will all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire online. They'll ask for your contact info, what social media platforms you use and whether you want them memorialized or deleted. When accounts are deleted that means EVERYTHING is permanently removed: photos, messages, posts, comments...everything.

If you choose to have some or all of your accounts memorialized, you may get to name a "legacy contact" who will have access to your accounts to do things like write tribute posts and accept new friends/followers.

I just made a social media will for myself and it took me five minutes! Just the thought of my technology-illiterate mom having to create an Instagram story about my sudden passing had me spiralling.

As soon as you finish, you can download your social media will to sign and share with your loved ones so they are aware of what to do when the time comes.

Again, it's not really a fun topic to bring up over dinner but an important one nonetheless, especially if you make a living in the social media space.

If you also want to create a traditional will, Epilogue is offering Narcity readers 20% off the service fee ($149) with the promo code NARCITY20.

To learn more about Epilogue and create your own social media will, visit their website.