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6 Essential Measures That UP Express Has Put In Place For A Safe Ride

Metrolinx has introduced over 40 measures across Ontario's GO and UP Express network.
6 Essential Measures That UP Express Has Put In Place For A Safe Ride

Hey, Toronto travellers. Looking to catch a ride between Downtown Toronto and Pearson Airport? Well, you can rely on UP Express to get you there in the most comfortable and secure fashion because they're obsessed with safety.

Yes, true, many institutions are taking extra steps to make sure they can welcome you back as safely as possible. But with their latest Safety Never Stops campaign, UP Express is really letting their vigilance shine here.

While it doesn't mean that you should leave your travel-sized bottle of hand sani at home, it does mean that when you're ready to board, you can do so knowing they've totally got your back.

In fact, they've implemented many new safety measures across all stations, platforms, and trains to get you where you need to go in a safety-obsessed style.

Here are the top six of over 40 measures introduced across the Metrolinx network, as part of their Safety Never Stops initiative.

1. Enhanced Cleaning & Thoroughly Disinfecting Every Area

Part of these advanced cleaning measures includes staff focusing on over 30 high-touchpoint areas, meaning that surfaces regularly being used by passengers are continually disinfected. These include luggage racks, handrails, door handles, service counters, seatback trays, armrests, elevator buttons, stair rails, and mobility areas.

Did you know UP Express has applied a long-lasting antimicrobial germ-protecting barrier on every train and platform and at every station? It's a mouthful, but essentially, this stops bacteria from growing on these surfaces. Science is so cool.

2. Making Face Coverings Mandatory For Staff & Customers

3. Making Hand Sanitizer Available... Everywhere

Washing your hands often and thoroughly is recommended, but it’s not always that easy when you’re out and about.

Metrolinx is adding over 3,700 hand sanitizer dispensers across GO and UP Express , spread across all stations and at all entry zones of trains. That's a lot of sanitizer, and we're here for it.

4. Putting In Seat Dividers To Distance Staff & Passengers

For passengers on the train, new seat dividers will be rolling out on UP Express trains in November as an added safety barrier between you and the person next to you.

By wearing face coverings and being protected by seat dividers, you'll be twice as safe!

5. Updating Signage Everywhere

UP Express installed wayfinding and physical distancing signs to help guide visitors: floor decals at service counters, ticket vending machines, and inside elevators.

With this updated signage, everyone will know how much space they should have to protect themselves and others. Plus, you'll know exactly where you need to go!

6. Offering Contact-Free Payment Options

Contact-free payment is important. To help with this, you can use your PRESTO card to instantly load funds through the updated PRESTO app from home before you even arrive at the station.

There are also ticket vending machines at each station, or you can purchase UP e-tickets directly online . It's never been easier to get your UP tickets.

Through their Safety Never Stops campaign, there's no doubt that UP Express is working hard to ensure safe rides for everyone. These measures began in March and have only progressed since then, so those needing to catch a ride in Toronto can trust in UP Express as the best option. Happy travels!

UP Express has introduced several new measures for safe rides from Downtown Toronto to Pearson Airport. For more details on their Safety Never Stops campaign, visit their website.