6 Toronto Houses That Defy The Laws Of Everything (PHOTOS)

Toronto has some seriously unusual homes. 🤭🏡
6 Toronto Houses That Defy The Laws Of Everything (PHOTOS)
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If you've thoroughly explored the 6ix and its many neighbourhoods, you may have noticed that some houses in Toronto pack more personality than others.

From elf-sized dwellings to homes cut in half, these whimsical properties are bursting with personality. 

Not only are these homes fun to look at, but each one comes with its own fascinating story.

If you need an excuse to explore the city, these hidden oddities are worth the trip.

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Leslieville Doll House

Address: 37 Bertmount Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: The ever-evolving collection of dolls and toys on this home give it a playful yet eerie vibe.

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St. Patrick Half-House

Address: 54 St Patrick St, Toronto, ON

Description: Toronto's half-house looks like someone sliced it right down the middle. This one will certainly make you do a double-take.

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Clinton Street

Address: 475 Clinton St., Toronto, ON

Description: This house is a giant art project. According to Livabl, the home is covered in wine corks, the ends of pool cues, coins, and scraps of wood. It's truly amazing what beauty you can create with materials others might throw out.

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The Little House

Address: 128 Day Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: If you blink, you might miss this one. Sandwiched between two houses, this fun-sized home is only 2 metres wide.

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Bright St.

Address: 32 Bright St., Toronto, ON

Description: This tiny cottage looks totally out of place in the most adorable way possible. According to Livabl, the owners love their home so much that they got married in front of it.

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The Driveway House

Address: 1294 College St., Toronto, ON

Description: What was once a small empty driveway is now a totally unique Toronto home. According to an article in The Globe And Mail, the architect who built this house built his own triangle-shaped home right next door out of scraps. When you walk past, you might be surprised at how close the home's living room is to the sidewalk.

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