6 Toronto Struggles I Will Never Complain About Once This Is All Over

My body is ready for the slow trudge to Union Station after a Raptors game.
6 Toronto Struggles I Will Never Complain About Once This Is All Over

As Canada soldiers through its fight against COVID-19, my memories of all the pre-pandemic annoyances of a typical busy day in Toronto seem to fade further and further away.

As an ode to all the things I love to hate about living in Toronto, here are six struggles I won't dare complain about when life in our vibrant city returns to normal.

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Summer rush hour on the 501 streetcar

Is there anything more miserable than sweaty bodies crammed shoulder-to-shoulder on the barely-moving Queen car at the height of rush hour on a summer day? Absolutely not, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Getting stuck in a bar crowd on a Friday night

Oh, how I long to wait in line to get into Belfast Love only to elbow my way to the bar in hopes that the bartender will catch a glimpse of me in the crowd.

Even when I lose my friends because I physically can't extract myself from the packed dance floor, I won't dare wish for social distancing.

The exhausting exit after a concert or game at Scotiabank Arena

You will never catch me complaining about the slow trudge to Union Station after a Raptors game ever again. Why is everyone walking so slowly? I don't care. I am just so freaking happy to be here.

The Uber struggle at the end of the night

I will gleefully rise to the challenge of ordering an Uber or taxi on a Saturday night, then trying to figure out which side of the street they're on while I round up the squad. Bring on the surge pricing!

Trying to get anywhere on a festival weekend

I look forward to the day that I get to share public transit with hoards of festival-goers in bright outfits or sit in a ridiculous amount of traffic because of street closures. I'll be so glad when I get to spend the entire afternoon in line for souvlaki at Taste of the Danforth.

Sitting in the nosebleeds at the Rogers Centre because it's all I could get

Never again will I gripe about spending a small fortune to see Lady Gaga perform live from what feels like hundreds of miles away at the Rogers Centre because the good seats sold out too fast. I'd do anything to scream my head off in a stadium with thousands of other people right about now.

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