Living in an apartment in a big city can often have you missing the outdoors. Luckily, you don't have to say goodbye to greenspace just because you don't have a backyard. There are tons of cheap rentals near Toronto that are right next to a park, so you can spend every day outside. 

If you're someone who enjoys the sunshine, looking for an apartment on a budget can be tough.

With tons of rental spaces being in the middle of the city with no balcony, you may feel like you need to kiss the sun goodbye. 

However, if you don't mind moving a bit outside of Toronto there are tons of spaces that are located right near some luscious green space. 

Rent out a spacious unit right near the beach, or get a spot near tons of hiking trails. 

So, if you're a frequent park-goer or a pet owner, you might want to check out these listings that are under $1,300 near Toronto. 

Start packing your bag and your sunhat, because these places are going to make you forget you live in the sky. 

Upper Beaches Studio Apartment

Price: $1,295

Address: 669 Woodbine Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: A quaint east-end apartment that is located right next to Woodbine beach.

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Cruickshank Park Apartment 

Price: $1,184

Address: 33 King St., York, ON

Description: This complex offers apartments for as low as $1,184. Located minutes away from Cruickshank Park the green space offers a variety of hiking trails.

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Turney Woods Park One-Bedroom

Price: $1,250

Address: Raglan Court, Mississauga, ON

Description: A cozy one-bedroom that is surrounded by nearby parks.

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Riverside One-Bedroom 

Price: $1,250

Address: 7 - 11 Manhattan Court, Guelph, ON

Description: This cozy unit is just a quick walk down to Riverside Park, a green space full of rivers, trails and even an ice cream stand.

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Cozy Bachelor Pad 

Price: $1,095

Address: 81 Spadina Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: This cozy bachelor unit is only a short walk to Christie Pits Park and is surrounded by other small greenspaces.

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Basement Apartment With A Fireplace

Price: $1,200

Address: Highway 401, Milton, ON

Description: This cozy basement apartment is right near Kelso Conservation area which even has a beach.

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