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City Of Mississauga Wants To Stop Big Box Stores From Selling You Non-Essentials During Lockdown

Bonnie Crombie, the mayor of the City of Mississauga, is coming down hard on big businesses this holiday season. 

Crombie announced during a press conference on Wednesday, that she wants to limit the in-person sale of non-essential items in big box stores.

The mayor will put forward the motion at the Region of Peel Council meeting on November 26, 2020.

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Toronto and Peel Region were forced back into lockdown on Monday, a move that prohibits in-person shopping.

However, store likes Walmart and Costco are exempt from the restrictions since they sell groceries, hardware, medicine, and other essential goods.

That's a loophole that Crombie has criticized for being blatantly "unfair" to struggling local businesses. 

"Big box stores are open right now to sell essential goods, not televisions, not sports equipment, and not home decor," she said.

Hudson's Bay closed its Toronto locations earlier this week after being called out by Doug Ford over the same issue.

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