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It's time to save! With the Amazon Canada Black Friday deals, you can turn your house into the ultimate lockdown location even if you're not in lockdown. You can save money and get prepared at the same time.

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This annual savings event comes right as Canada is dealing with the second wave of COVID-19.

More restrictions are being put into place across the country like a ban on indoor gatherings in Alberta and lockdowns in parts of Ontario.

So, getting deals online is probably the way to go this year for a lot of Canadians and Amazon has a bunch of stuff on sale that you can get until the end of the day on November 27.

Though Ontario Premier Doug Ford has asked people to shop local instead of shopping with Amazon right now if you still want to get deals this way, here are seven items that can help make your house the ultimate lockdown location.

Home Office Task Chair

Price: $100.00 ($120.00)

Details: This chair could make working from home every day more comfortable. It's designed to support your back, has a 360-degree swivel and a tilt option for relaxation.

Artificial Succulents

Price: $13.59 ($15.99)

Details: If you can't keep plants alive especially in the winter, these fake but beautiful succulents could bring a bit of nature inside your home when it's cold and snowy outside.

Belgian Waffle Maker

Price: $29.74 ($34.99)

Details: This would take staying at home to the next level. You could have Belgian waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you wanted to!

French Press

Price: $33.99 ($42.55)

Details: If you love coffee, this French press could help keep you caffeinated whether you're in lockdown or not. Plus, it's portable and small enough that you can take it pretty much anywhere.

Gaming Computer Desk

Price: $135.75 ($159.71)

Details: This desk is designed for gamers with storage for controllers, headphones, speakers and games. It could also double as an office desk if need be.

Bread Proofing Basket Set

Price: $13.59 ($22.99)

Details: If you got in on the bread-making trend during the first wave of COVID-19 or if you want to try it out for the first time now, this set comes with a bread proofing basket, a cloth liner, a dough scraper, and a bread lame.*

Mini Fridge

Price: $55.24 ($64.99)

Details: This mini fridge could make your house the ultimate lockdown location, and it not only cools but warms too. You can keep food, drinks, skincare products and medications in it so they're easily accessible.

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