On Monday, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre opened its eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines for Toronto youth with various health conditions, between the ages of 12 and 17.

Sunnybrook announced that kids within this age group are now able to book their appointments online if their condition is listed under the hospital's eligibility criteria.

The hospital posted a list of at-risk, high-risk, and highest risk conditions that are being prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines.

Sunnybrook lists autoimmune disorders, respiratory diseases and heart disease as at-risk conditions, along with many more. High or highest risk health conditions include, but are not limited to, those who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, organ transplant recipients and people with neurological diseases.

The hospital tweeted that appointments are limited due to the vaccine supply and their clinic's capacity, so they suggest checking back the following day if all of the slots fill up. Appointments are required and walk-ins are not accommodated at Sunnybrook.

This news comes as Ontario opens up COVID-19 vaccine eligibility for all residents 18 years old and older thanks to the early arrival of a vaccine shipment that was arranged for the May 24 weekend.