Fred VanVleet Is Reportedly Staying With The Raptors For Another 4 Years

Kyle Lowry got hyped on Instagram about this.
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Fred VanVleet Has Reportedly Re-Signed With The Toronto Raptors For Another 4 Years

It's being reported that Fred VanVleet has re-signed with the Toronto Raptors for four more years.

According to Shams Charania, an NBA insider, writer and analyst for The Athletic and Stadium, VanVleet is staying with the team for a little while longer.

He tweeted that VanVleet's agent said the player has agreed to a four-year and $85 million deal to re-sign with the Raps.

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$85 million reportedly how much money VanVleet resigned for

Teammate Kyle Lowry seemed to congratulate VanVleet on Instagram after Charania tweeted about the reported deal.

He posted an old photo of his teammate on the court along with before and after shots from when he broke his tooth during the 2019 playoffs and then got it fixed.

"This day has legit come from blood sweet and broken teeth," Lowry said in his post.

He also noted that since day one he knew that VanVleet was special and he's so happy for him.

The Raptors will be playing their home games for the 2020-21 season in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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