Justin Trudeau's G20 Family Photo Pose Has Him Standing Out From Other World Leaders

Justin Trudeau's G20 "family photo" pose really has him standing out from the other world leaders.

The Saudi G20 Presidency shared what is being called a "family photo" of the leaders ahead of the virtual summit that's been projected on the walls of a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Saudi Arabia's capital.

When you look at it, you can see that one leader has a bit more space around them than the others and that's Trudeau.

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[rebelmouse-image 26001872 photo_credit="Saudi G20 Presidency | PRNewsfoto" expand=1 original_size="2700x1748"] Saudi G20 Presidency | PRNewsfoto

In the photo, leaders of the G20 countries are standing in three groups.

Trudeau is in the middle row to the left of the centre group and in the space behind Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

While most of the leaders have their arms by their sides, the prime minister has hands clasped at his midsection.

He's also got a wide leg stance which takes up more room and might be why he's a bit further away from the others.

Trudeau is working from home again because of Canada's COVID-19 numbers and is virtually attending the G20 summit on November 21.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has revealed that existing travel restrictions in Canada could become even stricter.

Speaking during a press conference on April 20, he confirmed that officials are considering how the rules could be updated to ensure that COVID-19 cases from abroad don’t come into Canada.

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