This Pic Of Justin Trudeau At The G20 Summit Is Like The Worst 'Where's Waldo' Game Ever

A recent picture taken at the G20 summit in Rome is less of a politician's photo op and more of a Where's Waldo pic featuring Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden and plenty of other world leaders.

The photo, posted on Saturday, October 30, features politicians from around the world, but if you're trying to find where JT is hiding it might take a while!

g20org | Twitter

Trudeau isn't in the corner of the picture — that spot is saved for Biden, who looks a bit like an action figure way on the left of the frame.

Instead, the PM is tucked away in the middle, at the back — just to the right of the Brazil and Argentina flags. He's flashing his classic Trudeau smile (not looking at anything in particular, as far as we can tell) and looking about as awkward as anyone else.

This is far from the first time that Trudeau has been caught in an odd group shot. His new cabinet's photo was particularly weird-looking, and the participants of this summer's G7 summit seemingly couldn't take a photo without looking like aliens getting used to planet Earth.

But at least this time he isn't standing out — like he did at last year's G20 with his very unique power pose!

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