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Ontario Fire Department Is Warning People Not To Sleep With Their Phones

Next time you're about to charge your phone bedside, you might want to think again. 

One Ontario Fire Department is warning of the dangers of sleeping with your phone by posting terrifying photos of the consequences. 

On Friday, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services revealed an incident where a phone had caught on fire underneath a pillow and burnt the bed.  

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"We get it…You love your phone…But don’t charge it while you sleep or under your pillow…," wrote the department. 

A spokesperson for Mississauga Fire told Narcity that residents are being asked to charge their devices "on hard flat non-combustible surfaces." 

"Unplug when completed charging. Use charging devices carrying a Canadian certification marking and appropriate for the device," the statement added.

While these photos are not from a current incident, cellphone explosions have been reported in Ontario before.

In 2014, a university student told CBC that her Samsung Galaxy exploded one night and set her duvet on fire. 

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