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The Bay Is Suing Its Yorkdale Landlord While Apparently Dodging Rent All Over Canada

Malls say HBC hasn't paid rent since April 1. 👀

One of Canada's most established retailers isn't going down without a fight.

Hudson's Bay Company is suing its landlord, Oxford Properties Retail Holdings, for alleged breach of lease agreements.

HBC is accusing Oxford of failing to provide proper and safe premises since reopening after closures, CTV News reports.

However, Oxford is claiming that Hudson's Bay hasn't paid rent since April 1.

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HBC has not paid rent since April 1 at most of our shopping centres across Canada.


"Seven months of recurring attempts to engage [Hudson's Bay] in a constructive dialogue were repeatedly ignored," says the landlord.

Now, Oxford says that Hudson's Bay is dragging up frivolous issues in an attempt to dodge rent. 

"Recently, HBC has begun to raise frivolous and self-serving complaints concerning the operations of multiple shopping centres in a transparently disingenuous attempt to retroactively justify its decision to stop paying rent," says the landlord.

If Hudson's Bay is successful with their lawsuit, they will not be obliged to pay rent until the issues are addressed and Oxford provides a safer environment for employees and customers.

In Quebec, HBC could be facing eviction for owing nearly $33 million in rent across several malls.