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Hudson's Bay Is Facing Eviction In Canadian Malls Over Unpaid Rent & Millions Owed

The retail company says they are being intimidated.

Could this be the beginning of the end for a major Canadian retail company? Hudson's Bay has found themselves in hot waters over multiple rent disputes and millions owed.  

The popular chain has failed to pay rent in three Quebec malls and allegedly owes a very large sum of money to their landlords. 

As a result, they could face eviction. 

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$32.84 Million Hudson's Bay owes in rent 

A landlord company has apparently brought the heat by petitioning a motion in Quebec courts to end the lease of three Hudson's Bay stores for payment failures, according to La Presse.

The stores in question are Mail Champlain in Brossard, Rockland Centre in Montreal and Centre Laval in Laval. 

Per the report, Mail Champlain is owed $26.95 million, for Centre Rockland it's $3.68 million, and Centre Laval is owed $2.21 million.

The unpaid amount totals $32.84 million.

The retail giant spoke out about the allegations in the report and said that the move by the landlord company is nothing short of intimidation.

They also said that the landlord has not only failed to take into account what Hudson's Bay was going through during the COVID-19 pandemic but refused to look for a solution to the problem.  

For now, the Canadian retail company said they are waiting for courts to determine who is right or wrong between both parties.

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