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Canada's New Graphs For COVID-19 Show How Un-Flat The Curve Is

Some places have still managed to keep case counts low though.
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COVID-19 In Canada Has Been On The Rise & New Graphs Show How Un-Flat The Curve Is

This isn't really an achievement anyone wanted to see. COVID-19 in Canada has been on the rise and new graphs show how un-flat the curve has become in some provinces and the country as a whole.

On Canada's epidemiology update site, there's a bunch of COVID-19 data that you can look through including new graphs.

They span from January 31 to the present day for the country as a whole and every single province and territory and it's pretty clear how un-flat the curve is now.

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4,042 new COVID-19 cases in Canada as of October 13

When you look at the graphs for total case counts, Canada saw the curve start to flatten around May and June.

While the line of confirmed cases kept going up even then, it really shot up in September so the curve isn't flat anymore.

For the provinces and territories, Quebec and Ontario are seeing the biggest curve increases.

The total case count line has also inched up for B.C. and Alberta but not to the same extent.

Other provinces and all of the territories have seen cases stay relatively low.

You can also see the progression of deaths, active cases and people tested either as a total, rate or moving average.

There were 4,042 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada on October 13 bringing the total count to 186,881.

In September, Dr. Theresa Tam noted that we could see 5,000 daily cases reported in October if we don't reduce our number of contacts.

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