Janet Jackson Reportedly Snuck Out Of A Toronto Hotel To Go Clubbing & She Said She Was 'Free'

"Free to be who I am."

Associate Editor, Toronto
​The video allegedly showing Janet Jackson in Toronto.

The video allegedly showing Janet Jackson in Toronto.

Janet Jackson, the legendary American singer, brought her larger-than-life Together AgainNorth American tour to Toronto, creating a whirlwind of excitement during her short stay in the city.

However, amidst the glitz and glamour, Jackson allegedly found a mischievous way to add a dash of spontaneity to her visit.

In a series of now-deleted alleged Instagram stories, Janet Jackson unveiled her secret escapades that unfolded behind the scenes on May 23.

"So, we just snuck Janet out of the hotel," the voice of her makeup artist, Preston, says in the video.

"And we're going to our hotel, so we can go to dinner and then go to a club, and we didn't tell security," the voice continues from the Uber ride that he and Jackson were apparently seen in.

"Free to be who I am," Jackson's voice says in the video.

In the Instagram stories she allegedly posted, Janet referred to their activities as "little shenanigans in Toronto," showcasing her playful side.

In the videos reposted on Twitter by the account @2Cool2Blog, you can see Jackson sharing updates, including footage of their drive along Adelaide Street West as the singer and her makeup artist made their way to the next hotel, enjoying the freedom of moving around without the usual security arrangements.

Many people who saw her story commented on her most recent Instagram post.

"Is this how Joey was sitting after you and Preston snuck out? 🤣," a top-liked comment read. "EVEN THE CHAIR IS SNATCHED," another person wrote.

On Tuesday night, Janet Jackson electrified a packed crowd at Toronto's Budweiser Stage, marking the opening of the venue's latest summer season.

Amidst the excitement, Janet took a moment to acknowledge her devoted fans, sharing video clips of herself joyfully waving back at a boat filled with enthusiastic supporters before her performance.

This was Jackson’s first tour in four years.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor, Toronto
Rhythm Sachdeva is an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group and is based in Toronto.