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Ontario Vet Fires Staffers For Making Injured Cat Dance In Their TikTok Video

The pet hospital's vet says they are "paying the price" for the video.

Ontario Vet Fires Staffers For Making Injured Cat Dance In Their TikTok Video

King Hopkins Pet Hospital in Whitby says that several staff members have been let go over a TikTok video that was posted of an injured cat in their care.

The video, which has been shared on Facebook, shows one individual holding the cat up to the camera and making it "dance" by shaking it around, while the cat has a cone around its neck and a bandage on its arm with an IV attached to it.

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"We apologize to those who saw this extremely unacceptable video, and please be assured that appropriate actions will be taken to those involved," the pet hospital said in a Facebook statement on May 5.

Dr. Black, the owner of the clinic, followed up with another statement, writing, "I have dismissed the individuals involved in the incident and I will ensure that your trust is regained. These individuals are not the only ones paying the price. I am, and so is the rest of the hospital."

"We had no idea this video was made and consequently posted [on] social media," she continued. "Rest assured we continue to love and care for your pets the best way possible."

King Hopkins has faced "a lot of backlash"

The pet hospital's manager, Tyler Dooks, told the Toronto Sun that they've dealt with a flood of "disgusted" callers since the video was posted.

"People call to say they are disgusted — and we are, too," said Dooks. "There has been a lot of backlash and some people are threatening."

The outlet reports that three staff members were involved, one of whom had worked at the pet hospital for two years, the other two for a year.

"We completely respect and understand the outrage this has caused, and we want people to know we are just as shocked and offended as the majority of the public," said Dooks to Northumberland News.

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