The Raptors celebrated their first playoff win of 2020 during Monday night's opener against the Brooklyn Nets. 

Leading the pack was Kyle Lowry, who chalked up his incredible performance to watching his two adorable boys introduce him before the start of the game.

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They got me hyped. Our kids are a little bit crazy. I could see it. I wanted to cry tears of joy.”

Kyle Lowry

"It was unbelievable. I know it touched a lot of guys’ hearts," the Raptor said after the game.

"For us, I know guys were like, 'Holy crap,' and they wanted to kind of cry and they wanted to smile at the same time."

It's clear that Lowry misses his kids, but he misses his fans too. He called Toronto fans "the best in the NBA" on Sunday, and said he wishes that he could hear their cheers this year.

Via The Athletic