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Ujiri Hints At Getting Toronto That Kyle Lowry Statue Fans Are Demanding

"We'll work something out for Kyle." 👀
Ujiri Hints At Getting Toronto That Kyle Lowry Statue Fans Are Demanding

Raptors fans have a new appreciation for Kyle Lowry after his playoff performance this season. Some are even asking for a Kyle Lowry statue in Toronto to honour the player. On Thursday, team president Masai Ujiri hinted at the possibility of that wish coming true.

When asked about the possibility of the statue, Ujiri said, “We’ll work out something for Kyle.”

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Could this mean the Raptor president is all in for a Lowry statue?

Although the Raptors were eliminated by the Boston Celtics, fans' voices have only grown louder, calling Lowry the “GROAT,” a.k.a. greatest Raptor of all time.

Fans even created renderings of the potential statue and also started a petition.

Ujiri is clearly a Lowry fan and he showed it during his postseason interview, calling the player a “stud” and praising his "unbelievable" talent.

“I want 10 more incredible years from this guy,” Ujiri continued.

For Lowry and his family, the love for Toronto is mutual. The player revealed last year that his wife and kids have grown to love the city since he joined the team in 2012.

Fans have been voicing their support for the Lowry statue for weeks. 

One Twitter user wrote, "The question isn't what the Kyle Lowry statue should look like. It's how many Kyle Lowry statues should there be?"

Another user chimed in with, "When they build Lowry's statue [...] they shouldn't even put it on a podium. Put it ground level so it really sinks in with folks that this 6 foot [...] dude did more for that franchise than anyone else who ever wore that Raptors uniform."

Ujiri ended the media briefing with a heartwarming ode to the Raptors:

"[I'll] go to battle with these guys any day."

Only time will tell if Ujiri gives Raptors fans a consolation prize for losing this year and makes that Lowry statue happen.

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