The NHL’s most mischievous mascot is at it again. In the midst of a playoff series taking place in Toronto, the mascot of the Habs' opponents, the Philadelphia Flyers, posted a video ruining some Montreal Canadiens merch back home. 

Philly's own "Gritty" shared a video on Friday in which they trash a Montreal flag using the most Canadian tactics we’ve ever seen.

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The video shows Gritty, who didn’t travel to Toronto's NHL hub with the team, outside of Flyers' Wells Fargo Center home going to town on a Canadiens banner with multiple bottles of maple syrup.

And as the video’s caption indicates, the mascot isn’t “Sorrey” about it, either. The clip was posted ahead of game two of the playoff series between the Habs and the Flyers in Toronto.

This trolling comes on the heels of the Habs poking their own fun at the now-eliminated Toronto Maple Leafs (RIP).

Following the TML loss, the Canadiens put up a huge billboard in the 6ix over the Gardiner Expressway. A pretty good piece of trolling, we must admit. But Gritty's got Toronto's back.