6 Fun Jobs In Niagara Where You Can Get Paid Up To $29 To Work By The Falls

Get your resumes ready.
Niagara Falls Job Listings That Pay Up To $29 & Are Hiring Right Now

Touch up your resumes! There are tons of fun Niagara Falls job listings on the market right now. If you're looking for an out of the ordinary work experience, there are multiple places that pay over minimum wage. 

Your nine to five doesn't need to be behind a computer screen.

In fact, some of these Niagara Falls jobs are at arcades, spas, museums and escape rooms. Thinking outside the box could help you score the position you never knew you'd love. 

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If you want to hang out at an arcade all day or give art tours to a group, there are options to actually get paid to do so. 

You can also enjoy the perks that some of these jobs have, like gaining entry into Marineland Canada for free on your days off.

Some of these listings even pay quite well, so brush up on your cover letter and apply today! 

There are even tons of jobs at wineries that you can apply for and get paid to hang out on a vineyard.

If you still need to build up some experience, you can also check out these entry-level government jobs in Ontario. Happy hunting!

Spa Coordinator

Salary: $15-$16 per hour

Company: Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa

Why You Should Apply: You can hang out in the tranquil setting of a spa while helping the manager with tasks.

Apply Here

Adventure Specialist

Salary: $14 per hour

Company: Adventure Rooms Canada

Why You Should Apply: Your main job is to provide a fun time to the guests and be the host of their visit at this 60 minute Escape Room.

Apply Here

Rides Operator

Salary: TBD

Company: Marineland Canada

Why You Should Apply: Control the rides and enjoy perks such as free entry into the park on your days off.

Apply Here

Visitor Services Assistant

Salary: $28.08 - $29.58 per hour

Company: The City of Niagara Falls

Why You Should Apply: Apply for a chance to work for the city's museums and get paid big to give tours and do admin duties.

Apply Here

Wine Associates

Salary: $14 per hour

Company: Chateau des Charmes Wines Ltd

Why You Should Apply: You can hang out on vineyards, do wine tours and attend tastings in groups at this super social position.

Apply Here

Attraction Attendant / Game Technician

Salary: TBD

Company: Funzone Clifton Hill

Why You Should Apply: Hang out at an arcade all day and get paid to make sure things are in working order.

Apply Here

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