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This Massive Lakefront Property For Under $500K Has Room For All Your BFFs

Wake up to gorgeous views every morning. 😍

If you're looking to get out of the city but don't want to leave your BFFs behind, you might want to check out this Ontario compound for sale. 

This property, which includes the main home and two sleep camps, comes with enough beds to house an entire group of friends. 

The best part is, at only $479,000, this spot is cheaper than most shoebox condos that you can find in Toronto. 

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Located in McKerrow, Ontario, this gorgeous spot sits right on Agnew Lake, offering amazing waterfront views. 

The main cabin comes with a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Making it the perfect spot to live year-round. 

There are also two additional homes on-site, the first one has two bedrooms, a kitchenette and a small washroom. 

The second has a bedroom, kitchenette and a porch overlooking the lake. However, you will have to walk to another home to do your business, as there is no washroom in this cabin.  

On top of that, this gorgeous spot comes with a dock right on the water, making it the perfect summer paradise.

Waterfront Compound 

Price: $479,000

Address: 67 Bayline, McKerrow, ON

Description: This spot comes with enough beds for you and your BFFs.

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