Ontario Paid Internships Are Being Set Up For 8,000 Students & Grads

If you've been worrying about your post-university job prospects, these future paid internships in Ontario might be just what you've been looking for.

The Government of Ontario is providing $39.5 million to help create up to 8,000 new paid internships in the province over the next two years. 

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The internships are available for post-secondary students, post-doctoral fellows and recent graduates.

Ontario is partnering with Mitacs, a national non-profit organization, to create internships in different fields of work, including law, technology, business, environment and health.

The province says the opportunities will help Ontario's workers and economy recover from the effects of COVID-19.

According to a spokesperson from Ontario's Ministry of Colleges and Universities, the positions will be hired through 2022.

If you'd rather not wait, there are plenty of places in Ontario that are hiring workers with limited experience.

Pinterest, Google, and Twitter are all currently hiring people in Toronto, and Costco is hiring all across Ontario and paying almost double minimum wage!

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