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6 Media Internships You Can Do From Home That Are Hiring Right Now All Over Canada

These internships are paid! 🤑
6 Media Internships You Can Do From Home That Are Hiring Right Now All Over Canada

Want to get some media industry experience that pays pretty well and lets you work from the comfort of your bedroom?

If you're on the hunt for a work-from-home internship, we may have just what you need!

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The best part? You can be almost anywhere in the entire country — so there's something for everyone.

From the West Coast to the East Coast, Canada has a ton of remote media-focused internship positions hiring right now and here are six of them.

Social Media Marketing Coordinator (New Brunswick) 

Salary: $16-20.00 per hour

Company: Smile Blueprint

Why You Should Apply: This three-month part-time internship working for a private consulting company for dentists and orthodontists is a great way to get your foot in the game in terms of media marketing. You will be expected to use the 'power of social media' to help grow the business.

Apply Here

Creative Copywriter Intern (Quebec)

Salary: $31,000-35,000 per year

Company: Camelot Fabrics

Why You Should Apply: This three-month full-time internship will have you writing, pitching and producing creative work for products like Disney and Marvel. There is also a ton of benefits on the job including dental care and vision care. One year of experience in copywriting is preferred.

Apply Here

Intern Creative Team (Ontario)

Salary: $560.00 per week

Company: Elemental

Why You Should Apply: This 12-14 week full-time position will have you working in creative advertising for some of Canada's leading brands. To snag this role, you would need a high school diploma and be attending a course related to advertising.

Apply Here

Marketing & Social Media (Saskatchewan) 

Salary: $15-18.00 per hour

Company: Pioneer Solar & Renewables

Why You Should Apply: This part-time gig has the main objective of allowing applicants to create and work with marketing campaigns. You will be expected to have some knowledge of Word Press and be proficient with graphics editing and some software.

Some of the perks include a flexible schedule and tuition reimbursement as well as bonus and overtime pay. Two years of social media marketing experience is also preferred but not required.

Apply Here

Digital Sales & Marketing Intern (BC)

Salary: $35,000-50,000 per year


Why You Should Apply: In this three-month internship, candidates will be expected to work in marketing and help develop a marketing automation system for the company.

Successful applicants will also work with ad campaigns and social media platforms. You will need a post-secondary education in either marketing, sales, business, English or psychology. One year of digital marketing is also required for this position.

Apply Here

Marketing Student (Alberta) 

Salary: $35,000-60,000 per year

Company: Steeltex Manufacturing, Inc.

Why You Should Apply: This position is looking to hire a marketing student to help develop business and generate growth for the company. One year in marketing is preferred but not listed as a requirement. The chosen candidate will also be asked to sign an NDA.

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