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Iconic Foods From Across The Country That Every Canadian Needs To Try At Least Once

Get ready to add these to your bucket list 😍

Canada is home to some pretty delicious treats and succulent foods, and the people of the North can attest to that.

Best of all? It's not just one region that carries some mouthwatering grub. In fact, the country has some pretty incredible staple foods that you most definitely want on your bucket list. 

So grab a pen to take notes and a fork because these are some of the most iconic foods from all over the nation, that every Canadian should try at least once.

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Nova Scotia & P.E.I Lobster Rolls

Why you need to try it: This east coast stunner is made up of a soft bread roll topped with fresh local lobster. It is also known as the ultimate comfort food. You can't come to the island and not dig into one.

Montreal-style Bagels

Why you need to try it: The world knows that poutine is what Montreal is known for, but only true Canadians know that their scrumptious bagels are where it's at! These doughy delights are famous for their fresh taste and soft touch. They're so good that they're giving the New York bagel a run for its money too.

Saskatoon Berry Pie  

Why you need to try it: Visiting a relative or friend in Saskatoon sometime? Well, ask them to bake you their famous berry pie. It's all the rage with locals and they'll have you stuck on it soon enough! It's also considered a tradition and regional trademark, according to Tastealas.

Pro tip: Never forget the ice cream!

Toronto's Giant Pizzas  

Why you need to try it: Everything in Toronto is big (just look at the CN Tower) and their pizzas are no exception. Lamanna's Bakery is the talk of the town for its gigantic pies. And if you have a sweet tooth they also offer massive donut pizzas too.

B.C Wild Pacific Salmon  

Why you need to try it: Did you even go to the west coast if you didn't try their salmon? That's right, B.C is widely known for carrying some of the best salmon and it's all harvested from the Pacific Ocean. Wild Pacific Salmon is also tied to the 'culture and identity' of the province, according to the Government of Canada.