I Tried 3 Brands Of Ketchup Chips & This Is My Honest Opinion

Canada's chip! 🥔
I Tried 3 Brands Of Ketchup Chips & This Is My Honest Opinion

It's Canada's chip. Maybe it's the red and white vibe or the fact that we love everything potato related, but whatever the reason, ketchup chips are one of those iconic flavours that you can only find in the True North. 

A lot of companies have made their take on this classic Canadian chip, and I tried three of them to see which ones nailed it

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PC Loads of Ketchup Chips

What sets President's Choice away from the competition is the fact that they've done a rippled chip with this seasoning. 

Unfortunately upon opening the bag, it looked half empty, even more so than the other two, but that's sometimes to be expected when eating chips. 

As far as appearance goes, they also were very red, with purple undertones and seemed well-coated in the flavouring. 

When it comes to taste they had a good crunch and were salty enough but the flavour was a little off. It wasn't bad but it didn't really taste like ketchup. 

Lays Ketchup Chips

This is one of the bigger brands when it comes to potato chips. Their take on the Canadian classic is a basic chip, with no ridges and again a purplish-red colour from the seasoning. 

The chips were, again, well coated, but when it comes to the flavour it gets interesting. Again these didn't really taste a lot like ketchup but this time they had more of a seasoned taste to them.

There was also a smokey flavour coming through, which could make sense if you think of ketchup as a BBQ staple. 

Lays weren't bad, but definitely not what I expected. 

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No Name Ketchup Chips

An iconic Canadian brand mixed with an iconic Canadian flavour.

First thought on the No Name chips was that this bag was physically the flimsiest. While the others opened flawlessly this bag tore across one side, but that's to be expected when you pay 99 cents. 

Inside, the chips were thin and ridgeless. They seemed to be less coated with the flavouring than the others, but you couldn't tell from the taste. 

Because of the thinness, these little treats packed a lot of crispiness. They tasted more like ketchup and had a bit of a vinegar vibe to them, which was more reminiscent of a french fry flavour than any of the other ones. 

At the end of the day, these ones are the winner because, for just a dollar, you really can't go wrong, and they tasted most like the ketchup chip flavour we know and love. 

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