7 Totally Random Canadian Laws That Could Accidentally Land You In Trouble

You know you can't pay with too many coins, right?!💰
7 Canadian Laws That Are So Random & Could Accidentally Land You In Trouble
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If you thought you were a law-abiding citizen, you might need to think again. These totally random Canadian laws prove that there are still some pretty unusual rules in Canada — and you may have accidentally broken them once or twice before!

Some of Canada's laws and regulations were written a long, long time ago, which means they're not always directly relevant to modern-day life.

While some of these laws, including it being illegal to pretend to be a witch, have now been revoked, others have stuck around.

If you've got a pet rat, love hosting garage sales or are always paying with coins — trouble could be just around the corner!

It's illegal to pay with too many coins 

If you’re always rummaging around in your pockets to pay with your change, you could actually be breaking the law.

According to Canada’s Currency Act, you can’t use too many coins in one transaction.

For example, if you’re paying in nickels you can’t make a purchase over $5, while the limit to paying with loonies is $25.

It's illegal to have too many garage sales in Toronto

If you love clearing out by hosting garage sales, you might want to double-check your calendar.

Torontonians are actually prohibited from holding more than two sales events every year from a home in a residential zone, per the city’s municipal code.

Regulations state that garage sales lasting longer than 48 hours are also banned in the city.

It's illegal to frighten somebody to death

Perhaps this one goes without saying, but maybe you’ll want to rethink any jump-scare pranks you had planned!

According to Canada's Criminal Code, you could end up in pretty big trouble if you scare an elderly person or a child to death.


It's illegal to bring a pig into a national park 

If you’ve got a pet pig, he’ll have to miss out on any trips to your local national park.

According to Canada’s Domestic Animals Regulations, certain animals are banned from being brought into, or kept in, the country’s national parks.

This includes cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and even llamas.

It's illegal to take off a band-aid in public

Keep that cut covered up! According to York Regional Police, it’s actually illegal to remove your bandages in a public spot.

While it’s definitely a little gross, you’re probably unlikely to get arrested for this one.

It's illegal to have a pet rat in Alberta

If your furry BFF is a little rodent-y, you might want to steer clear of Alberta.

The region has been almost totally rat-free since the 1950s and there are multiple rules in place to make sure it stays that way.

Unfortunately for rodent-fans, this includes a ban on pet rats.

It's illegal to drag a dead horse down the street on a Sunday

If you've never seen anybody dragging a dead horse down Toronto's Yonge Street (on a Sunday), there could be a good reason why.

According to a York Regional Police tweet from 2014, this obscure activity is actually totally illegal. However, the act is apparently permitted on any other day of the week.

Probably best not to try it though, eh?

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