Now that the new Tim Hortons coffee is officially out and available across Canada, I just had to try it and here's my honest opinion.

This new blend is a dark roast and it lives up to its name because before I even tasted the coffee I could tell it was strong just based on the smell.

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Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

As someone who likes their coffee with milk and sugar, trying this dark roast black was daunting but I found it to be surprisingly good. 

It has a rich, nutty taste along with a smooth finish that coats your mouth nicely. While it is slightly bitter, the flavour isn't overpowering.

When I tried the coffee after eating a baked good from Tims, different flavours actually emerged with each sip.

There was a fruity taste after I took a bite of the Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair and the nutty flavour was even more pronounced.

After a bite of a Boston Cream donut, I noticed the coffee was sweeter with a note of citrus.

I also had a cup of the new blend with a bit of milk and two sugars which is how I usually take my coffee and it was even tastier.

However, if you don't like strong coffee, this might not be the blend for you unless you plan to order it as a "Wayne Gretzky" that is!

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