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Tim Hortons Coffee Is A New Roast & You Can Get It Across The Country Now
Jfvoll | Wikimedia, timhortonsus | Instagram

There's a new Tim Hortons coffee and you can now get the improved cup of joe at locations across the country.

On January 6, the new Dark Roast became available and it's brewed from 100% premium Arabica beans, which is supposed to give it a bolder and richer flavour.

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Tim Hortons | CNW Group

Tims first launched its Dark Roast back in 2014 and that recipe was tweaked to be darker in 2017.

However, Canadians had said that they wanted a stronger, bolder flavour so that’s what this new roast offers.

This one was chosen from about four dozen variations of the blend that were developed over the last year.

The flavour has hints of chocolate, cedar, fruits and florals.

Tims recently revealed which coffee and donut Canadians ordered the most in 2020 with the Double Double and Boston Cream coming in first place respectively.

If you like trying new things, Starbucks also just came out with new drinks and one of them is a permanent menu item now.

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