Starbucks Is Releasing 3 New Drinks In Canada Today & They Look Delicious (PHOTOS)

Hope you love pistachio! 🤤
New Starbucks Drinks In Canada Released Today

There are three new Starbucks drinks to love in Canada. The drinks are part of the chain's winter menu and they're available as of Tuesday, January 5.

Among them is a brand new oat beverage-based latte, and a creamy creation made from real pistachio.

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The first new drink is the Honey Oat Latte, an oat beverage with blonde espresso infused with honey and toasted honey on top.

The new  Pistachio Frappuccino Blended Beverage combines sweet pistachio flavour with coffee, milk, and ice. It's finished with brown-buttery topping and whipped cream.

The Pistachio Latte features real pistachio and creamy brown butter flavours, with an espresso and milk base. 

These rich and cozy treats are one way to cure your post-holiday blues.

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