You're Not A True Canadian Unless You've Tried At Least 9 Of These 12 Food & Drink Classics

So many delicious things to taste! 🇨🇦

​Person with a Caesar from Score on King. Right: Person holding bagels from Fairmount Bagel.
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Person with a Caesar from Score on King. Right: Person holding bagels from Fairmount Bagel.

There are so many classic Canadian snacks, food and drinks that you really need to try if you want to call yourself a true canuck!

Canada is home to a lot of unique food and drinks including some you're probably already familiar with like poutine and butter tarts but also some lesser-known ones that you've never heard of before like flapper pie and the Caribou drink.

Whether you love them or hate them, these classics are a few of the best that Canada has to offer.

If you want to keep score, you should probably have tried at least nine of these 12 food and drink classics if you want to crown yourself a true Canadian.

Since these items are available in so many different parts of Canada, you could even turn this into an epic cross-country trip and go on a mission to try all of the unique Canadian classics!

Butter tarts from The Pie Hole

Address: 1864 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: You can't go wrong with the award-winning butter tarts from The Pie Hole especially because the sweet treats are spiked with Irish cream!

Nanaimo bars from Serious Coffee

Address: 300-60 Commercial St., Nanaimo, BC

Why You Need To Go: This location in Nanaimo, B.C. is part of the Nanaimo Bar Trail so you know you're going to get something good.

Montreal-style bagels from Fairmount Bagel

Address: 74 Fairmount Ave. W., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: This spot has been around since 1919 so that's lots of time to perfect the recipe. Plus, you can weigh in on the great bagel debate! What makes Montreal-style bagels so unique is that they're boiled in honey-sweetened water and then baked in wood ovens.

Poutine from Fritz European Fry House

Address: 718 Davie St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: The poutine at Fritz was named the best in Canada by Big 7 Travel in 2019 so it's a must-try. You can also get your fries, gravy and cheese curds topped with chicken, crumbled bacon or chilli.

Caesar from Score On King

Address: 107 King St. E., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: At this spot, you can get Caesars topped with a full meal and dessert too. The Canadian classic is served truly massive here and one comes with a roasted chicken, a pulled pork sandwich, a burger, a pickle, wings, a hot dog, onion rings and a brownie on top!

Caribou drink from the Quebec Winter Carnival

Address: Quebec City, QC

Why You Need To Go: There's no better way to warm up during a winter carnival than sipping on Caribou. The Quebec staple is made from red wine, hard liquor and maple syrup or sugar.

Flapper pie from Blackfoot Truckstop Diner

Address: 1840 9 Ave. SE., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: You might not have heard about this Canadian dessert before but it should be on your radar now. Flapper pie is a custard pie that's topped with meringue and the ones made at Blackfoot Truckstop Diner are seriously tall!

BeaverTails from BeaverTails

Address: Multiple locations across Canada

Why You Need To Go: This is a Canadian staple that's been around since 1978. How can you go wrong with a hot, fried pastry and delicious toppings like cinnamon sugar, hazelnut spread or brownie pieces?

Halifax donair from King of Donair

Address: 6420 Quinpool Rd., Halifax, NS

Why You Need To Go: This is Halifax's official food but it's been making its way across the country. King of Donair claims to be the spot that first introduced the dish back in 1973. It's made with fresh pita, onions, tomatoes, donair meat and donair sauce.

Tiger tail ice cream from Kawartha Dairy

Address: Multiple locations in Ontario

Why You Need To Go: Tiger tail ice cream is definitely a unique treat! This Canadian creation is orange-flavoured ice cream with black licorice ripples. You have to try it at least once, right?

Saskatoon berry pie from The Berry Barn

Address: 830 Valley Rd., Saskatoon, SK

Why You Need To Go: This pie is literally described as what people come for on The Berry Barn's menu so you need to check it out! It originated in Canada and is a pie made with Saskatoon berries and then topped with ice cream or whipped cream.

Timbits from Tim Hortons

Address: Multiple locations across Canada

Why You Need To Go: This is one of the most classic Canadian foods that everyone has to try at least once in their life. While donut holes aren't exactly Canadian, Timbits definitely are and they can be bite-sized pieces of heaven!

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