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Canada’s Favourite Condiment Was Just Revealed & It's Controversial AF

Nope, it's not ketchup. 😬

Canada’s Favourite Condiment Was Just Revealed & It's Controversial AF
Senior Editor

Things are about to get saucy! Canada's favourite condiment was just revealed and the top choice is pretty controversial.

New research from aimed to "sort the mustard maniacs from the ketchup connoisseurs," by ranking different countries' most popular condiment based on search data.

It's worth noting that the study defines a condiment as "a spice, sauce, or preparation that is added to food after cooking to enhance the flavour, impart flavour or to compliment a dish."

Taking the top spot for the most popular condiment in Canada is guacamole … with Canadians searching for it as many as 46,000 times per month!

It's pretty contentious though, as not everybody will consider the avocado-based dip to be a "condiment."

We're apparently not alone though in our love for guac, as it came out on top in the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Australia and so many more countries, too.

Other top-tier condiments include mayonnaise (France), salsa (Portugal), Tartar sauce (Japan), hummus (Russia), tahini (U.K.) and fish sauce (Thailand).

Equally divisive is Canadians' favourite branded condiment (per the study), which emerged as Vegemite with 18,000 monthly searches. Yikes, Canada!

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