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Food is an important part of every Canadian's life. Even though many people like to assume that Canada is just a giant northern state slumped in with the rest of the U.S., that's definitely not true. We have a plethora of Canadian delicacies that are only true to the North.

This Canadian food guide includes everything from maple taffy to signature caesar cocktails. If you like squeaky cheese curds and creamy gravy, we've got the perfect Quebecois dish for you. Not to mention, an incredible cheesy pasta that's fit for all Canadian kids (and university students) – Kraft Dinner. 

Here's a list of all the iconic foods you need to try at least once in your lifetime if you want to call yourself a Canadian.


This fried and sugary treat is the ultimate Canadian dessert. BeaverTails carts are sprinkled throughout major cities in Canada, and they offer this sweet treat to locals and tourists. You can have the traditional treat sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar or go for something drenched in chocolate, caramel and more!

Nanaimo Bars

This tiny chocolate square of goodness is one of Canada's oldest and most well-known foods. Originally hailing from Nanaimo, BC, this popular treat is one of a kind and totally Canadian. You need to try this chocolate, wafer and custard dessert.

It's so popular that McDonalds Canada even decided to release a limited edition Chocolate Nanaimo Bar McFlurry.


Canadians and poutine go hand in hand. There isn't one without the other. The mix of crispy fries, gooey gravy and squeaky cheese curds is perfection. While poutines were originally from Quebec, all cities in the country now offer the Canadian delicacy.


No, we're not talking about Bloody Marys. Caesars are the most iconic drink to ever originate in Canada. If you're a true Canadian, then you live for the clamato cocktail. While this may not be food, some Canadian restaurants have begun serving MEGA caesars that are stacked with food on top.

Ketchup Chips

If you're not from the Great White North then you might find this one to be a bit odd. Ketchup and chips? Who would think of that? It's actually the best, even Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell swears by them. It's definitely a Canadian favourite.

Tim Hortons Timbits

Tim Hortons is a cult classic in Canada. While the company may no longer be Canadian owned, the cafes will always have a dear place in our heart. Their delicious "donut holes" aka Timbits paired with a double-double is a breakfast match made in heaven

Montreal-style Bagels

I'm sure you've heard of New York style bagels, but have you ever heard of Montreal-style bagels? These bagels are known for being wood-fired and their homemade appearance. If you want to get the full experience, grab some Montreal smoked meat and cream cheese on top!

Kraft Dinner

Kraft Dinner, or better known as KD, is a part of every Canadian's childhood. If you didn't grow up on KD, you probably weren't a Canadian kid during the early 1990s. We lived off of this cheesy delicious meal. Not to mention, the quick meal is great for university students on a budget.

KD above everything.

All Dressed Chips

So, we already talked about ketchup chips, but all dressed chips are the next best thing. The flavour of mixed spices makes for a delicious snack. In Canada, we're known for having an array of flavours when it comes to chips: ketchup, dill pickle and not to mention all dressed. If you've never had all dressed, now's the time to try it. You'll never go back to plain chips again.

For the best all dressed chips, you can't beat Ruffles All Dressed.

Coffee Crisp

Every Halloween we were all hoping to get some Coffee Crisp chocolates in our pillowcase. This iconic Canadian candy is beloved across the region. The alternating layers of vanilla wafer and coffee chocolate will leave you wanting more.

Maple Syrup

Of course, we couldn't have a list of iconic Canadian foods without adding in maple syrup. Not only are we known for having true Canadian Maple Syrup, but also for incorporating maple in various famous foods. In Canada, you can get maple taffy, maple cookies, maple fudge and more!

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