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One Of Canada's Cheapest & Hottest Housing Markets Has So Many Amazing Houses Under $200K

Moving during a pandemic is not exactly ideal, but once you set your eyes on the prices of some of the cheapest and hottest markets in the country who could blame you?

In fact, New Brunswick might just be your forever home after their Canadian housing market status was revealed and they came out on top as one of the provinces with the cheapest homes, according to RE/MAX.

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What's more, it was also one of the top provinces for "do-it-yourself movers" and saw a lot of people relocating there in 2020.

Because of this, we've gathered nine amazing houses in places scattered around New Brunswick that are all under $200K.

Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

Price: $189,000

Address: 1 Epworth Park, Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

Description: This three-bedroom home proves that you don't have to compromise on having a jaw-dropping and modern home for such a steal of a deal.

[image 600079c00654dff584514c79]

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Saint John, NB

Price: $174,900

Address: 4 Boyaner Cres., Saint John, NB

Description: Don't let this tiny baby blue bungalow fool you. The three-bedroom home comes equipped with a large backyard, lot, driveway and basement.

[image 60007c43f9b785f5c91232f5]

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Saint John, NB

Price: $159,900

Address: 45 Belmont Rd., Saint John, NB

Description: This gorgeous navy blue three-bed home sits in gorgeous Saint John.* It's as cozy and cute on the inside as you can get.

[image 60007e72f9b785f5c912330b]

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Saint John, NB

Price: $149,900

Address: 128 Todd St., Saint John, NB

Description: This white house is located on the East Side of the city and comes recently renovated. It even has marble counters in the kitchen!

[image 60008f682eb3cff51811ccde]

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Saint John, NB

Price: $148,000

Address: 2424 Ocean Westway, Saint John, NB

Description: This newly renovated bungalow sits on a 1/2 acre lot and is even said to have mountain views. It's even been completely renovated.

[image 600092d92eb3cff51811cd03]

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Saint John, NB

Price: $134,900

Address: 48 Vey Rd., Saint John, NB

Description: This one-level two-bedroom bungalow has an open concept kitchen and a new deck to match.

[image 600093fd2afa9cf15669c997]

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Noinville, NB

Price: $134,900

Address: 10051 Rte 126, Noinville, NB

Description: This cozy two-bedroom home in Noinville will surprise you on the inside as it is decked out in pretty wood flooring.

[image 600095930654dff584514dbd]

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Price: $129,900

Address: 9 Renault St., Campbellton, NB

Description: This three-bedroom large white house is the perfect place to settle down with a family. It's located next to many schools and is community-friendly.

[image 600096df2eb3cff51811cd40]

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Campbellton, NB

Price: $137,500

Address: 5 Argyle St. Campbellton, NB

Description: From the foyer to the attic, every inch of this home has apparently been re-finished just in time for a new owner. There's even a delightful upstairs balcony with a great view and a large backyard!

[image 600098c42eb3cff51811cd5f]

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