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Two More Monoliths Just Made An Appearance On Canada's West Coast (PHOTO)

It seems like the craze of setting up monoliths in random locations may keep going.

This time, the monolith was erected on the sandy shore of Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver.

A photo of it was shared on Twitter by Jody Vance, who wrote, "Didn’t expect to see one of these on my morning dogwalk?!" 

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This is actually the second of these trending structures to appear in Vancouver.

One was also put up in Dude Chilling Park, although it appeared to have been made on a tighter budget.

Another one was previously spotted in Winnipeg, although it was taken down shortly after being set up.

All of these monoliths showing up all over the place have made the final days of 2020 just a little bit more interesting.

Several have gone up in locations like Utah, Romania, California, and the Isle of Wight.

Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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