This year has not been kind to many Canadians in financial trouble and the global pandemic hasn't done much to help.

It turns out that half of Canadians are treading financial waters.

A survey released on October 28 by Manulife Investment Management revealed that the realities of the economic stress left on workers and employers in Canada are grim.

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Nearly 51% Canadians using their savings or increasing their credit card balance

According to the Financial Stress Survey of Canadians, stress levels regarding money have increased as did the "pressure" of the global crisis.

Before the pandemic, about 11% of individuals reported high levels of stress. Now, that's more than doubled to 27% since the global crisis began.   

On top of that, nearly 51% of Canadians are sticking their hands into their savings or increasing their credit card balance to make ends meet. 

Before COVID-19 began, around 44% of survey respondents said they were having major money problems.

That figure has also since grown to 67%.

What's more, the survey indicates how this uncertainty has forced Canadians across the country to seek help with economic planning.

Per the report, there was a big shift in interest in receiving advice on money for investing or retirement savings.

Also, over 66% of participants appear to be "more in tune with their financial needs than ever before," and are revisiting their retirement plans at least once every quarter.