Canadians Are Planning To Seriously Rack Up Their Credit Card Bills Post-Pandemic

Canadians are apparently ready for the Roaring Twenties. 💸

Canadian Credit Cards Will Get Used More Once Pandemic Ends, Survey Says
Staff Writer

A new survey suggests that Canadian credit cards are going to get put to good use once COVID-19 restrictions ease up.

Conducted by insurance comparison website RATESDOTCA, the study suggests that 72% of Canadians expect they'll increase their post-pandemic monthly credit card spending in certain areas, primarily on dining and travelling.

Despite that, though, the survey suggests some Canadians won't spend as much money after the pandemic as they did before it started.

While 42% of respondents say their monthly travelling spending dropped once the pandemic began, only 36% say they'll increase their spending back to pre-pandemic levels.

And while 39% of respondents said their spending at restaurants dropped by $50 during the pandemic, only 33% of respondents say they'll go back to spending that extra $50 at restaurants each month.

Cormac O'Brien
Staff Writer