If you can write a cover letter in less than 280 characters, these Twitter jobs in Toronto might be perfect for you. 

Twitter is growing its presence in Toronto and the massive social media company is already hiring for some key engineering positions within their team.

It wants to add at least 24 job postings in the coming weeks and even more job postings before the year is over, according to a statement emailed to Narcity, in order to fully take advantage of the talent pool in the 6ix.

So search your computer for that Resume.pdf file (and maybe put your own Twitter account to private) and get applying.

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Android Engineer - communities

Who Should Apply: This engineering position requires someone who knows the Android platform inside and out and can help build Twitter products for relevant devices.

The best part is there's no listed experience required — if you're good enough, you're good to go.

Apply Here

Senior Software Engineer, iOS - Consumer Privacy

Who Should Apply: If you value your electronic privacy, you can help other people feel as safe as possible by building user-facing consumer privacy products.

You'll need to be a top-notch programmer with four or more years of experience in developing mobile applications on iOS, but you can swap out the bachelor's or master's in computer science for relevant work experience!

Apply Here

Senior Software Engineer, Health Tools

Who Should Apply: Twitter is looking for someone who's willing to build electronic systems to help its users "feel safe to participate" on the site, and you could be the one to do it.

You'll just need four or more years of experience and knowledge in building web apps with a willingness to collaborate in a team (among a few other requirements).

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Engineering Manager - Legal and Compliance

Who Should Apply: This job is perfect for that natural-born leader who is committed to online safety and running a high-quality team.

Twitter is looking for someone with experience leading, recruiting and mentoring a team, with a focus on great communication and the ability to see the "big picture."

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Staff Machine Learning Engineer

Who Should Apply: This position requires someone who is passionate about defending online users from spam, abuse and manipulation, with the coding ability to make it happen.

You'll need to have senior engineering capacity with leadership skills and a healthy CV full of great technical work to boot. But don't forget bringing empathy, creativity and a positive attitude — you'll need those, too.

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Keep an eye on the Twitter Careers page because more jobs are being posted, according to the company, and you might find a posting worth tweeting about!