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Pacific Mall In Markham Was Engulfed In Heavy Smoke After Roof Fire (VIDEO)

The mall will remained closed until further notice.

Pacific Mall Caught Fire & Filled The Sky With Black Smoke

A video of a cloud of dark smoke sprouting off Pacific Mall is being shared around the internet today after a roof fire engulfed the popular shopping location.

According to Markham Fire, the shopping centre's roof went up in flames on Monday, causing a large puff of heavy black smoke to fill the sky.

Fire crews were able to access the roof and extinguished the blaze. However, according to the latest update, smoke is still being ventilated.

An investigation has also been launched into the cause of the fire, and Pacific Mall has issued a statement regarding the incident.

"Pacific Mall is closed until further notice for fire cleanups and investigation. The restoration contractor is working around the clock onsite to ensure Pacific Mall can get back to regular operation as soon as possible," an excerpt of the statement reads.

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