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Raptor Matt Thomas Is Fluent In Toronto Slang & It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

He showed off his Toronto vocabulary in Oshae Brissett's new vlog.

For the average person, it could take years to become proficient in Toronto slang. But, not for Raptor Matt Thomas, who already seems to have the skill down despite joining the team less than a year ago.

The newbie showed off his range of TO phrases in Oshae Brissett's new YouTube vlog from inside the NBA bubble.

He makes his debut around the 11:30 mark, when Brissett asks him, "Everything bless?"

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In the vlog, Brissett takes viewers through a typical day in Orlando, from team meals to late-night arcade games.

Terence Davis gave fans a glimpse of the team's hotel floor on Snapchat recently, which is completely decked out in Toronto skylines and "We The North."

Now that the Raptors are back in action, you can cheer from the sidelines on courtside LED screens.