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Fans Are Decking Out Their Houses In Raptors Gear For Good Luck Ahead Of Tonight's Game

The team needs all the luck they can get!
Ontario Editor
Raptors Game 7 Has People Decking Their Homes Out In Gear For Good Luck

It looks like the Toronto team is getting all the luck they can get. Ahead of Raptors Game 7, multiple die-hard fans are decking out their homes in team gear. The move comes ahead of the nail-biting final against the Boston Celtics. 

With the chance to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals at stake, tension is in the air. 

The Raptors will once again take on the Celtics after some close games over the past week. 

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However, it's not just the Raptors that are working hard to ensure a win. 

It looks like fans are doing everything that they can to ensure that their favourite team has the advantage.

Multiple people have taken to social media to show their homes decked in Toronto Raptors jerseys and gear. 

One fan even posted photos on Twitter that showcase his favourite jersey surrounded by candles. 

"I’M READY!!! LETS GO!" wrote one Twitter user while sharing photos of his decked-out crib. 

However, he wasn't the only one to showcase their newly decorated abode. 

Another Twitter user posted some photos of their entire home covered in Raptors gear. 

"Come home from shooting hoops with my oldest and mom and the youngest decorated the house!" they wrote. 

Others have taken their support to a whole other level. 

One excited Raptors fan even posted their dog sporting a Lowry jersey. 

No matter how decorated your home is, it seems that most of Toronto is ready to cheer on their favourite team. 

The Raptors face off against the Celtics tonight at 9 p.m. 

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