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Tory Wants To Get Toronto Into The Red Zone ASAP As Third Wave Threat Grows

But, some experts say an even stricter lockdown will be needed to curb this spike.

With a possible third wave of COVID-19 looming, Mayor John Tory spoke about his goal to further reopen Toronto by moving the city to the red zone. 

In an interview with Breakfast Television on Thursday, the mayor expressed that his "objective is to change [Toronto] to red as quickly as possible."

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"That will depend on four things — the health situation, the psychology of the public, the regional situation, and the business situation," he clarified.

However, many experts now believe that Ontario is on track for a third wave as new variants take hold

Dr. Peter Juni, director of the science table and a professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of Toronto, told the Globe and Mail that an even stricter lockdown may be needed to curb this wave, echoing what expert Dr. Colin Furness told Narcity last month.

Expert says "it's a bit too late" to stop a third wave

"We now have two pandemics,” said Juni to the Globe, "the traditional pandemic, which is under control, and the new pandemic, which is not under control."

Furness expressed a similar worry, saying in February that "it’s a bit too little and a bit too late," to stop the variants from spreading.

However, Furness hopes his predictions don't come true. "As I always say about this, however, I hope I’m wrong."

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