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7 Carved Pumpkins That Are So Toronto It Hurts (PHOTOS)

So relatable it's scary! 🎃

Nothing screams Halloween more than Toronto carved pumpkins. 

Over the years, some clever people have found a way to put a spin on the tradition by adding a bit of local spice. 

Photos of these unique creations have been taking over social media and some of them are so relatable it hurts. 

From trash pandas to your favourite sports team, each of these gourds deserves a spot in Toronto's hall of fame. 

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If you live in the 6ix, you know that trash pandas can become a problem. This pumpkin showing a raccoon going through the trash is the perfect representation of Toronto. 

What better way to share the love of your favourite sports team than by carving their logo into a pumpkin? 

There is only one thing that is spookier than ghosts and goblins and that's when a shuttle bus has to be deployed. 

from toronto

There are only a few things that still haunt Torontonians, and one of them is Doug Ford's promise of $1 beers. 

The Toronto Raptors losing this year's NBA championships still has some people screaming. 

The only way to celebrate October is with October's Very Own. 

Finally, nothing screams Toronto more than a raccoon inside of a pumpkin.