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Toronto's Magnificent Brunch Boxes Are So Good They're Causing Huge Lineups

People are waiting for over an hour! 🥐

The city is full of delicious spots to get an early morning feast, but one place in particular has brunch lovers flocking to its doors.

Toronto's Light Cafe Brunch Boxes are so drool-worthy, people are waiting for over an hour to get their hands on one.

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The Taiwanese-inspired venue told Narcity that it launched the brunch boxes in April 2020 as a way of surviving the lockdown.

The boxes were an instant hit and continue to draw huge lines of eager customers every weekend.

There are 5 boxes to choose from, and you can get Smoked Salmon, Pulled Pork, Roasted Mushroom, Lobster or Mini Pancakes.

Each comes with a house salad, mini pancakes, bacon and sausage, a choice of eggs and a choice of side.

The brunch extravaganzas are available to preorder online for pickup on the weekend, and usually sell out fast.

Satisfy your early morning cravings by digging into one of these outrageous feasts.

Brunch Boxes

Price: $19.99 - $24.99 per box

Address: 23 Baldwin St., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Try It: Indulge this heavenly box full of all your brunch favourites.