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The Raptors Are Doing Everything They Can To Make Tampa Feel More Like The 6ix

Nick Nurse says he doesn't even notice a difference.

Other than the fact that both cities start with a T, Tampa Bay and Toronto don't have a lot in common. 

This is a reality that seems to be weighing on the Toronto Raptors, who've already made several attempts to bring the 6ix's mojo to the sunshine state.

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The organization's leaders are clearly going above and beyond to make our boys feel at home.

Earlier this month, Masai Ujiri was seen placing a toonie under the Raptors' new home court for good luck. 

The team has even plastered OVO signs around their practice arena and everything is starting to look more like the 6ix.  

However, the cherry on top is the decision to hang the team's championship banner in the Amalie Arena, which also hosts the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

While things may look different, Toronto's coach states he doesn't really notice a difference. 

Nick Nurse told the NBA that he "didn't really notice" the fans' absence during the team's game in Charlotte on Saturday.

“I thought the energy was high (from the players). Both teams, both benches were up and had great energy. It didn't seem as big and empty as it probably looked. It didn't feel that way, being in it.”